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Hi. I’m Clint.

Can I show you some really disturbing math?


That’s the average amount of income a typical employee makes in a year.

$44,000 – Today!

We divide that by 12, we get a little over $3600 a month.

(And we know we don’t keep that. We’ve got to pay the tax man.)

So after we do that (take out about 20%) we’re left with $3000 tops.

But we’ve gotta live right? In a house or apartment?

We’re looking at at least $1000.

We’ve gotta get places so you’ve got your car and you’ve gotta pay for gas so there’s $500 a month.

So now we’re down to $1500

And then we’ve gotta get our food covered so there’s another $500 and we haven’t even talked about car insurance…There’s another $200

Health insurance there’s $200, and we haven’t even covered daycare yet. What about diapers?

Maybe a trip out on the town every once in awhile?
If…IF you’re extremely frugal, extremely thrifty, you might at best save $200 a month!
Would you agree?

Here’s the crazy part that you and I know to be true…
What actually HAPPENS to that $200 bucks?
It’s gone before we even see it.
Why? Because the air conditioner breaks! Or the car breaks down! Or a family member needs some money that you lend them!

And you go right back to zero…

And you stay stuck in this cycle of saving a little and going back to zero, saving a little and going back to zero.
What are you gonna do when you have kids (if you don’t already)?
And then you’ve got future education, and you need a bigger home?

It doesn’t get easier. It gets harder.

So what’s the solution?

The first step is to acknowledge that you’re stuck in a cycle that’s not getting better without doing something different.

It might seem like you’re getting ahead and you’re progressing in your career, but just look at your bank account. Is your bank account actually getting any bigger?

So here’s the toughest part to share with you because you’ve likely been told the complete opposite…
It’s that you can’t save yourself to wealth!
You can’t save yourself out of an emergency!
You can’t save yourself out of a bad recession!
You can’t save yourself to freedom!

We need to do the complete opposite…we need to stop playing defense and we need to play offense.
We need to stop trying to nickel and dime our way to a future and we need to increase our earning power.

We need to increase our top line! We need to earn…more…income!

Because saving your way to wealth just…doesn’t…work!

You just don’t have enough time.

So what are you doing about this right now?

I put together a brand new free training.
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So you can fix this situation.

I know you’re gonna kill time somewhere…How about you come kill some time with me?

And I can introduce you to a way to go from a full-time employee to a full-time online entrepreneur doing the complete opposite of what everybody else is doing when it comes to starting a thriving online internet business.

Please DO SOMETHING about this situation! Because it’s NOT WORKING!

And you depend on yourself and other people depend on you!

So get your Free Secret Video right now, discover everything you need to change your life and create a side-income to replace your full-time income, and I’ll see ya super soon…